RELEASE DATE: May 14th, 2018 Serving Her Cockmaster ~ DDF

Girls can be high-powered in their careers, but when it comes to their private sex lives they sometimes like to be very submissive, bowing before rigid meat thrust in front of their faces for cock sucking and balls licking. Case in point, as demonstrated by today’s deepthroat fantasy roleplay, we see the Russian beauty Milana meeting her cockmaster Timo Hardy in the dressing room of the big fashion company where she works as a successful designer. She immediately abandons her daily work schedule to kneel and serve his huge prick. Timo watches her, totally in command, as she takes off her lingerie and gets down to gripping his balls and shaft and delivering the kind of pleasure he requires whenever the whim hits him. Milana likes to twist herself into different positions–such as on her back with her head upside down–so Timo’s tool can plow her beautiful face. And she loves looking up at her master from the carpet to receive his facial cumshot, as you’ll see in these sexy blowjob pics and Full HD oral sex video!!

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